Calda Academy

Calda Energy, in the context of informing installers, organizes specialized training seminars for the perfect selection and installation of heat pumps for domestic AERMEC applications. 

The right power selection, the complete installation with all the necessary accessories, the standardization of specific networks depending on the application, the appropriate configuration and adjustment of the installation, are the thematic units presented in the seminars. 

At the end of each seminar and after a short written evaluation of each participant, an installer authorization certificate will be provided. 

The certificate states that any installation made by the authorized installer of Calda Energy, meets the specifications of the construction company AERMEC, while the following privileges will be provided to the participants: 

  • a special 50% purchase discount is provided on the first heat pump purchased from an authorized partner or from our company and 
  • Free start for the first two installations 
  • Support during the warranty period by Calda Energy. 
  • Additional Financial Bonus for any new installation, removes or modernizes existing energy-intensive oil or gas combustion systems. 

By participating in the seminars you receive an AERMEC work vest and a case with a toolkit for small tasks. 

With the purchase of the first AERMEC heat pump you receive a complete toolbox.

Terms of Participation
a) Only licensed installers are required to participate in the program.
b) If the installer wishes, his details may appear on our company’s site in the list of authorized partners.
c) Registration of participation in the
d) The offer is valid for registrations made from 1/8/2023 to 30/9/2023 and for purchases made from 15/9/2023 to 31/12/2023.