CLUB MED, one of the largest hotel chains in the world, trusts AERMEC to meet its cooling, heating and domestic hot water (DHW) needs. The resort in the area of Gregolimano in N. Evia, has over 380 rooms, and is divided into three main multi-storey buildings, as well as bungalows and suites, with high requirements for cooling loads and DHW consumption.

In March 2015, the last phase of expansion of Club Med in Gregolimanos Evia was completed, with the addition of 152 new wall fan coils of the FCW-VN series and three heat pumps with a total installed capacity of 430kW. The last phase provided for the installation of a multi-purpose heat pump of the NRP series, with the possibility of simultaneous operation of cooling or heating and production of DHW. through total heat recovery saving huge amounts of electricity. In the same phase, two additional heat pumps of the NRL series with integrated heat recovery exchangers (desuperheater) were installed to assist in the production of Z.N.X.

In the same resort, in the last 4 years, four additional operations have been carried out, where two AERMEC NS series air-cooled heat pumps with screw compressors, and two NRL series with scroll compressors and partial recovery exchangers (desuperheaters) have been installed to assist in the production of Z .N.X., as well as over 300 floor, wall and hidden fan coils. So to this day there is an installed power of up to 1280kW and about 500 fan coils to meet the needs of the resort. It should be noted that all heat pumps have external copper-copper elements to increase resistance to the corrosive environment, while all fan coils have integrated three-way valves.

Finally, the entire management of the air conditioning system of the resort is done through the central control BUS, VMF of AERMEC, with the possibility of parameterization and control of the temperatures of all zones, operation and failure indicators, temperature range locking and other functions.