New four-star hotel unit

The three-story classic four-star hotel in the “Nea Zoi” area of Ioannina covers its cooling-heating & hot water production needs with geothermal heat pumps and AERMEC fan coils.

The goal of the team of researchers was the low energy footprint and the classification of the building in energy class A according to KENAK. For this purpose, the solution of the open-type geothermal system was chosen, including two suitable wells (one supply and one discharge). In addition, the construction of an underground reservoir for the temporary storage of the supply water was planned with the aim of optimal operation of the geothermal loop. Additional external plate heat exchangers with the possibility of local cleaning were also installed.

To cover the cooling and heating loads, two WRL-type geothermal heat pumps with a total power of 90kW were used. A four-pipe system was designed to cover the respective zones of the hotel unit in order to enable the simultaneous selection of cooling-heating for different zones of the building.

The DHW production study predicted the full coverage of the unit’s needs through a separate WRL-type geothermal heat pump and solar heat, without the use of a conventional auxiliary energy source.

Project implementation partner Study – Construction: ERGON MECHANIKI