The Corfu Imperial Grecotel Exclusive Resort trusts CALDA ENERGY and its partners to meet its Hot Water (DHW) needs. The resort located in Kommeno area in Anat. Corfu, has around 300 rooms in the main building and separate bungalows with high consumption of Hot Water (DHW).

An AERMEC NRK0700 HA series heat pump with a thermal capacity of 175kW was installed in the resort’s main building. The heat pump is intended to meet the needs of DHW. 600-700 people in combination with storage tanks, as it has the possibility of a maximum water supply temperature of 65°C. The specific series of NRK heat pumps, with ecological refrigerant R410a, is properly designed for maximum efficiency in heating operation with a COP>3.2 efficiency rating and external ambient temperatures from +48°C to -20°C.