The air conditioning of the Green Hill Hotel in Attica was upgraded with the installation of a heat pump by the Italian company AERMEC, replacing the existing heating-cooling system with a floor-mounted oil boiler and an air-cooled water chiller.

A heat pump type NRL800HDA01 was installed in the hotel, with a total nominal cooling and heating efficiency of 210/234kW. The pump is characterized by the high instantaneous efficiency EER=2.84 and COP=3.12 as well as the high seasonal efficiency ESEER=4.01 and SCOP=3.53 in cooling and heating respectively. with a degree of efficiency. It also has an integrated heat recovery exchanger (desuperheater) to assist in the production of hot water for the hotel’s use, as well as an integrated cold storage which includes a 700lt inert tank, a water pump and an expansion tank.