A ground-breaking geothermal project

In the cultural center of Heraklion, 3 geothermal heat pumps of the Italian company AERMEC of the WSH 2502 XD series with screw compressors with a total installed power of 1870 kW are installed. The geothermal system, taking advantage of the huge underground water table, covers the cooling and heating needs for a complex of buildings with a total area of 27,000 m2.
The system was designed with the 3 geothermal heat pumps in a parallel hydraulic arrangement where the pumping and rejection of the heat is achieved through a collection tank of the water table of sufficient capacity. The system has a mechanism for utilizing the excess amount of water to avoid overflow, covering the needs of the complex for watering, as well as backup systems for reheating and cooling the tank using dry coolers from the construction company AERMEC.
Also, the system within the framework of the flexible design allows the simultaneous operation of cooling and heating, depending on the needs and the orientation of the individual spaces of the complex.
At the same time, the geothermal heat pumps are equipped with special partial heat recovery exchangers, utilizing the rejected heat during the cooling operation, thus providing the possibility of reheating the cooled air in public gathering areas.
The project offers the municipality, in addition to energy savings, beneficial effects for the environment from the reduction of pollutant emissions, specifically carbon dioxide CO, which is estimated at 200 TONNES ANNUALLY on a total installed thermal power of 1.87 MWatt.

Project implementation and study partner: Kapetanaki Konstantinos