In the Nelly’s Apartments hotel in Tolo Argolis, an upgrade of the air conditioning system was carried out with the installation of a new AERMEC heat pump type NRL0280 HDEVJP to replace the existing chiller with old refrigerant R22 and a conventional boiler.

More specifically, the heat pump with a cooling/heating capacity of 53/60 kW respectively, is of high energy efficiency class A+ with SEER= 3.74 and SCOP=3.53 and a low noise level with a maximum sound pressure of 42db(A). In addition, the pump has elements painted with epoxy paint for protection from the marine environment, as well as heat recovery through a desuperheater further contributing alongside an installed solar field with free energy to the hotel’s savings during the summer season for the production of domestic hot water.

Project implementation partner: Green Innovation