Complete renovation of a three-storey house of 500m2 in Ekali with the application of a floor heating system by the Austrian company VARIOTHERM. The specially designed VarioFix junction sheet without insulation, with a choice of suitable insulation, was used for the construction, in combination with a VarioProfile 16×2 Plus+ multilayer pipe. The installation was done directly on top of the existing ceramic tile flooring. The system was completed with the laying of the special thermal plaster and was delivered ready for the installation of the final lining.

At the same time, the floor heating of the 1st floor, for reasons of low weight and height, was implemented with the VarioComp dry construction floor system where the specially shaped 18mm thick fiberboard plates with VarioProfile 11.6 x 1.5 Laser multilayer pipe were used. The system was placed on top of the existing floor of the floor, after all the necessary preparatory work for the plumbing had been done. A 10mm thick XPS 10-200 extruded polystyrene plate with a thermal conductivity of 0.035W/mk was used to limit thermal losses, while a 0.1mm thick polyethylene PE sheet was used before the installation of the fiber gypsum boards.