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Contemporary solutions in
air conditioning – heating – ventilation systems


CALDA ENERGY is a commercial enterprise, specialized in the field of air conditioning and heating, that designs and provides integrated innovative and technologically advanced solutions. Utilizing its product portfolio, it implements applications from the smallest domestic to the largest commercial and industrial application. 

Since its foundation in 1981, with a vision almost unchanged, the company has applied simple and self-evident principles such as trust, professionalism, consistency, and responsibility, gaining the preference of customers, the appreciation of suppliers and the respect of competitors. Its excellent reputation in the market is a guarantee for partners and of course for the end consumer. 

CALDA ENERGY’s vision is the identification of the name with the provision of integrated and high-quality applications in residential, commercial and industrial sector, while creating strong human relationships and long-term collaborations.  

The main objective is to offer to our partners and customers high quality products and services, with respect to the consumer and the environment. Solutions that will meet the current needs for optimum comfort conditions, with reduced operating costs and environmental footprint. 

It has a modern and organized structure, specialized engineers with strong KNOW-HOW in pre-sales & sales and an organized technical support department with immediate response and possibility of concluding flexible maintenance contracts. 

At CALDA ENERGY we are constantly evolving and adapting to the new demands and challenges of the market. The constant updating and vigilance on the developments of the sector, and the continuous investments and expansion of our activities, makes us optimistic for the future. 

Fields of Activity

• Integrated air conditioning systems for both domestic and commercial applications as well as industrial processes
Integrated Surface Heating & Cooling systems for floor-wall-ceiling
Gas sector
Domestic hot water production & management sector. Solar systems for space heating and domestic hot water production.
Control and management systems
Integrated solutions and applications department
Technical support department: Maintenance and coverage of emergency breakdowns, conclusion of flexible maintenance contracts


Timeless Quality – Relationships of Trust 


Photo for year 1981


The history of CALDA Heating begins with its founders Diamantopoulos Giannis and Fotopoulos Babis. Main occupation is the promotion and installation of heating systems.

Photo for year 1985


Representation and cooperation with the biggest European brands (DIA NORM, VASCO, HOFAMAT). Creation of a network of partners throughout Greece.

Photo for year 1993


Transfer of the headquarters to the privately owned office building in Metamorfosi.

Photo for year 1994


Activity of the company with the Gas sector. Collaboration with ELM Leblanc, a subsidiary of the BOSCH group. Organization of technical seminars nationwide.

Photo for year 1995


Establishment of underfloor heating systems as a new business unit in the company.

Photo for year 1996


Foundation of production facility for production of RAYON steel boilers.

Photo for year 1999


Entry of the company into the field of central air conditioning. Start of cooperation with AERMEC.

Photo for year 2000


Conversion of the company into a Public Limited Commercial and Industrial Company (SAIC).

Photo for year 2008


Representation of the largest manufacturer of solar thermal systems SOLVIS in the Greek market.

Photo for year 2011


Renaming of the company to CALDA ENERGY.

Photo for year 2012


Exclusive representation of AERMEC, in the Greek market.

Photo for year 2013


Change of management and transfer of the company to the 2nd generation Fotopoulos Lefteris.

Photo for year 2015


Start of cooperation with the Austrian manufacturer VARIOTHERM, in dry construction heating and cooling surface systems.

Photo for year 2019


Start of cooperation with DANFOSS in the Greek market.

Photo for year 2021


40 years since the foundation – Renewal of corporate identity

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