The city of Amaliada now has one of the best sports centers in our country using renewable energy sources.

CALDA ENERGY AEBE, a pioneer in geothermal systems, with an installed capacity exceeding 2MW in the last two years, in collaboration with the project supervisor Mr. Kapetanaki Kon/no, an expert in geothermal applications and renewable energy systems, successfully installed in parallel 2 geothermal heat pumps, of the Italian company Aermec, of the NXW series, with a low level of noise, with a total installed thermal power of 870kW, in the open swimming pool of Amaliada.

The new modern Amaliada swimming pool of Olympic dimensions was inaugurated on Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 7.00 pm. The swimming pool, which was a dream of the area for over a decade, is part of a sports center that includes two football fields (central and auxiliary), two indoor basketball – volleyball courts, the swimming pool with an Olympic-sized pool (25 m x 50 m .) and the children’s auxiliary. It also has adult (men’s, women’s) and children’s (boys, girls) changing rooms, while facilities for the disabled are provided. Finally, it has a sauna, a doctor’s office, a theoretical teaching room and areas for the administrative and technical staff.

This breathing project is an innovation for the technical data of the Public Buildings of the territory as it will also be a center for the demonstration, promotion and dissemination of RES to the general student, student and technical-professional public. In order to serve the energy consumption of the Outdoor Swimming Pool in the Municipality of Amaliada, the development of a system for exploiting solar heat as well as subsoil smooth geothermal energy of low enthalpy, through open vertical geothermal exchangers, has been foreseen. The system serves the heating of the Olympic-sized swimming pool, through a stainless steel plate exchanger, while in periods of low demand, the simultaneous heating of the small swimming pool has been provided through a suitable hydraulic installation.

The project, whose total cost reached €600,000 and was financed by the green fund, is the first swimming pool at pan-European level that covers its needs in a huge percentage from solar and geothermal energy, with minimal use of fossil fuels. The quantitative benefit of the applied technologies is very important, as it is estimated that the savings compared to conventional technologies and the use of fossil fuels will reach up to 70% with a payback time of around 4 years, while keeping the environmental footprint at low levels.